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HOEGAARDEN Original - Can  330ml alc 5%

HOEGAARDEN Original - Can 330ml alc 5%


Hoegaarden :: White
Short Desc. TH: A Belgian-style wheat beer with the same recipe from 1445, flavored and flavored with coriander seeds and orange zest. It is unfiltered and cloudy beer.

Short Desc. EN : First brewed in 1445, Hoegaarden is a wheat beer spiced with coriander and orange peel. It is unfiltered and therefore has a cloudy appearance.

Style : Wheat Beer/ Belgian Witbier
ABV : 4.9% IBU : – No Data/ No Data –

Strengths : Ancient recipe for more than 600 years. It smells of orange tones from orange peel. and spice flavor from coriander seeds

Malts: Barley malt and Unmalted Wheat
Hops : – No Data/ No Data –
Extra Ingredients : Coriander Seeds, Curacao Orange Peels

Brand : Hoegaarden
Brewer/Brewery : Hoegaarden Brewery
Nationality : Belgian
Brewed in : Belgium